Saturday, November 6

Masterchief Cometh

Yes friends Halo2 is coming to stores near you, as long as you reserved it. This title like the first will be an icon title for the xbox system. If by chance you did not reserve Halo2 best wishes on receiving one. This time our hero will be more interactive with his surroundings, destroying things he couldn't before. In this story we find ourselves up against a new enemy The Forerunner, an ape-like race more evil than the Covenant bastards. Almost reminds me of another ape-like race, nevermind, on with the carnage hahahaha! November 9th don't forget to get involved with the biggest, baddest war this universe will ever see. Oh by the way this time it's live, xbox live haaha!!!

Here's the Sarge explaining why you must pay attention,'cause this is not a game, it's war! So listen up for the next installment of Halo2.

I'm sure Microsoft has put in a very big pretty penny for this new series for their console. I believe due to the success of this title and many other popular titles, Xbox is becoming a formidable adversary for the big players in this 4th quarter battle. Not to sound bias, but I think Sony has trouble brewing over the next horizon with this big boy.

White House spelled with a W!

Hear ye, hear ye, W is in the house, the white house that is, for the 2nd term. Outdoing his daddy once again showing the people of America there's a strong sheriff in town and is to stay. I know the Democrats are probably sobbing for our future, but I say wipe your tears, W is just getting started. Remember in the Reagan years people thought the very same thing when he came to power, but he pulled us through and is known as one of the greatest Presidents in history. This man was shaking the ground of politics when he was in office with scandals left and right. Starwars project, Iran-contra, and others are a few of bad policies that has weakened American's trust to their president and to their pocketbooks. Ronald Reagan gave the largest tax cut to the wealthy in American history and supported big business as all republicans do, but in his 2nd term brought Amerca's economy out of a recession started in the late 70's. Gas prices were sky rocketing then as was inflation which made it very hard for Americans. Unemployment was another factor due to the failing economy, but things changed in the 2nd term of Reagan's administration. This is the pattern that people forget when a new president starts his administration. First term is about getting their feet planted in the congress, fix possible problems of the old administration, and finally get the promises of his campaign started. Then 2nd term make changes for the better America if possible, democracy takes time I think many people misunderstand this things don't happen overnight.

"Well, this is precisely our mission today: to preserve freedom as well as peace. It may not be easy to see; but I believe we live now at a turning point." These were the words from Ron himself on June 8th 1982 in his Evil Empire speech. That is what we are doing in Iraq, it's a turning point in the war of terror. Without this victory in Iraq the world as we know will be finished. The thousands that have died for our beliefs and our freedoms would died in vain. We have lost too much to look like cowards now. Bush has a plan and cynicism is only going to hurt us in the long run.

So in my own words I must ask the people to do one thing for our President... Let him do his fucking job, it's always better the 2nd time around. Give him your utmost confidence 'cause this time he has more of his boys in the house and he will be able to do the things that need to be done for us. If we could trust Reagan after the misjudgings of his first term, we can easily trust W in his last term. Remember the good honey runs slow so in the next 4 years I believe it will be very sweet. Here is the complete Evil Empire speech and decide for yourself the comparison. From one strong leader to the other, this nation will prevail in the end.

Thursday, October 21

The Future of This Country?

After watching the presidential debate Thursday and now the vice president debate I tend to wonder if there is ever going to be a better man for the job. Bush, of course, made mistakes in the last four years and as it appears brought this country's deficit to an all-time high in my life time. Things may seem tough to a lot of people like the elderly, Florida residents, men and women in the military and countless others in either harms way or in the grasp of the politicians power play efforts. Nonetheless these people as they stand look grim for a lot of the onlookers, but you must ask yourself realistically when didn't tragedy hit the people of the US.

Over many decades of history we see things going wrong for this country off and on. Sure it was great for a while, but without substance we as human beings will become even more selfish, bitter, spoiled and oblivious to the world around us. The men and women who VOLUNTEERED into the military knew the risks as well as their families. I know mom and dad didn't want to see little Johnny or Jane in a body bag, but they were the risks for making this country as good as it is. Imagine if the revolutionaries decided to bail out of the war because of too many young men dying at the hands of the enemy where would we be then, no capa in the morning, no Sunday paper, no free country. Hard times come, hard times go that's the way of a working America. What was the saying, 'if you fall off the horse you dust yourself off and you get right back on it and ride'. Don't watch the presidents fight for scraps for your vote and have the press sway your vote and decide for you. You have a mind don't you think it's time to use it now. If not for you then for the countless people who fought and bled for you in history and the ones who are bleeding for you now. Stand up and use your mind and vote for the country you grew to love and will not let the inexperienced drag your home to the ground.

Another story

Here I am again with another story for everyone to read. This new installment is again an actual moment in my life but, this one was a bit scary for me. Here it is I hope you like it.

A Night at Naziville

Today was like every other, I go to work, put in my time and go home. Nothing was different until I drove on a long stretch of road. I, as some know, work at a local restaurant and I've been there for a long time. Day in day out doing the same thing over and over to what some people would call everlasting boredom. After the long tortures night I finally climbed into my car, a heap at this point, and start my way home. Driving home can sometimes be an adventure at times, especially through naziville. Naziville is a stretch of road just outside of town and it goes on for at least 20 miles. The state police like to park on this long dark drawn-out piece of pavement. If your not paying enough attention to your driving you just might fall in their little speed trap that catches themselves a number of people a night. I was tired and before I started my trek home I stopped at the local pub, had a few beers, not enough to intoxicate me I thought, but enough. I was feeling good and comfortable so I ventured on.

As I entered the realm called naziville, I noticed in the distance police lights flashing like a distant star off the horizon. I gasped at astonishment knowing damn well I can't screw this up, I realized I was drunk. Closer and closer the pulsating lights flashed almost in unison to the beats of my heart. At this time I'm trying to get my vision at it's best, seeing two wasn't good. As I got close enough to pass I grabbed the wheel and held my breath. Turning slightly into the medium at a slower speed of course. I looked over wondering also if I knew the person they pulled over, neighbors are neighbors, we all are nosy. A bright light flashed in my eyes almost blinding me, tracing by were the words I remember vividly," Hey buddy, watch where you're going!" Without hesitant in slow motion I watched the officer hug the parked car they pulled over almost like skin on skin as I passed. Immediately I pressed the accelerator and started down the dark road, I was drunk, trying to escape from the possible wrath of the officer I apparently almost hit. Cruising at a speed I thought was safe, feeling relieved I looked up at my mirror. " OH SHIT!" I yelled in denial. They were behind me with flashing lights and picking up speed. "fuck,fuck,fuck!" screaming at this point over and over banging my head on the steering wheel trying to regain a little bit of my sobriety for the possible confrontation. If there were talents I posses, getting sober in a short period of time in a stressed environment was my best. Red, white, red, white over and over in my eyes they were flashing sublimely telling me to give up, give up, there is nothing you can do now. Finally at my back bumper I surrendered to the words in my head. Pulling over was even tough, but it was done. Engine off, lights off, blinkers flashing in unison with theirs.

Parked, out comes the flat foot and the inevitable words trickle into my ears in displeasure. "License and registration please?" To this day I'm surprised at my attitude towards this man, calm, cool and collected,
" What did I do officer?" I asked in utter innocence, as a witness to my actions I was amazed at well of a liar I can be. I'm going to hell, I know it, I thought. Fumbling for my papers like I was in Leningrad or something trying to place the information he wanted through the jungle that was my glove compartment. "Was I speeding?" utterly amazed at myself, I knew why he pulled me over I almost sheered his legs off for Christ sakes.
" Do you realize you almost hit me back there. Step out of the car please?" I didn't notice it yet but, there was a second person on the right side of my car. Stepping out, I noticed the man sporting a flashlight, shining on me watching my every move. "What the hell do you think you were trying to do, you almost killed me back there!" he yelled. I didn't blame his anger, I'd be mad too if some drunk tried to hit me with their car.
"I'm sorry I thought there was enough room, I went on the medium to pass. Honestly, it looked safe!", I exclaimed trying so desperately to show my utmost sincerity. I stared at him with my puppy eyes, trying to twist his reasoning mentally. "Step back here please?" Stretching his arm to the rear of my car I obeyed like a weak puppy.

Following behind me, the officer asked the question I knew was going to be my downfall. "Were you drinking tonight?" knowing there was no escape I said what I had to say.
" No!" I said this in a way that made the officer tilt his head in curiosity, like saying you got to be kidding.
"Are you sure?" he asks, giving me a second chance to recant my sin of lying. Of course to escape the law I stuck to my original answer. Looking to the pavement he points at the white line running parallel to the medium.
"Could you please walk heel to toe along this line." Knowing damn well this was one of the possible many sobriety tests I may encounter, I thought my goose was cooked. I did what the man asked and slowly step by step I went down the line. Then crap I lost it wobbling off the road but, I wasn't giving up on my freedom. Knowing what I did, I recovered myself as good as I could.
" I'm sorry, but there is an embankment here and there is no way I could do this right here." In shock of what I said, arguing to the person I almost amputated his legs minutes ago, Looking at him showing the face of fairness with my arms crossed trying to seem as innocent as possible.
"He's drunk!" spoke up finally the other officer leaning his fat ass on my car, behind the officer apparently in charge, " Look at him, he can barely stand straight." he bellows pointing at me.
In a plea I beg, "You guys make me nervous, it's the way I am, I'm sorry."
" I can smell the alcohol from here", pleading to his partner, "you got to be kidding..He almost ran you off the road!" barked the fat ass doing his best to get some jail-time.
The officer questioning me originally, looks over to me with arms crossed his brow showing concern. He glances past me it seemed."Where do you live?" Looking forward I notice I was only a half mile away from home, I can't believe it.
"Just up the road." I said in a nod with some relief, knowing the police in this area I knew if they were serious about taking me anywhere, I'd be on the way to jail by now.
"See that guy in the cruiser", he says, pointing behind me. As I turn to see he says, "You're lucky I only have one cruiser or you would be going to jail. Now go home and I don't want to see you anymore, you hear me or I will have no problem taking you in tonight!" Watching him talk I noticed the fat ass leaning on the side of my car shaking his head in disbelief by the generosity of this officer. Knowing I avoided possibly the worse night in my history I thanked him like a servant thanking his master from not beheading him.
"Oh thank-you officer," wiping the sweat off my brow I thanked him as though he was the lord, " no you won't see me anymore tonight I'm going straight home."
"Good!", he barks, " Drive safe. And get out of here."
"Okay, thanks." I blurted while taking my papers, scrambling to my blinking car.

As I got in my car the police drove off going the other way, probably filling their quota for the night. Sweat still on my brow I drive off as well. Pulling into my driveway I thanked the Lord for getting me out of this mess I almost made for myself. As I sit in the driveway getting calm before entering my home, knowing my wife is asleep. Thinking to myself, 'She don't need to know.' I take a deep breath letting all the air out knowing things could be very different right now if it went real bad. Thanking god again I let out another deep breath. In an instant everything that happened that night flashed before my eyes, in realization, I uttered oh god I'm fucking lucky.

Sunday, October 17

Vote for the RIGHT man.

I was working at Red Lobster all day today and half way through the day a woman who always argues with me about politics notes how busy we are. Well I turned to her and said," if this isn't a sign of a good working economy then I don't know what is." Seriously look around and you will see people out there without a care shopping till they drop. They seem comfortable with their safety, not worried about their money supply, I think that is a good sign. At Red Lobster alone business is booming, we have all day busy going on and that is unusual for this season in my town. So come election day make the right decision and vote for the man who has been making you feel like an American in a long time, vote for Bush.

Saturday, October 16

I can't make it to my joe!


Now I just saw something that blew my mind. Starbucks is saying there isn't enough stores to harness the demand on their coffees. In some cities people will have to walk a whopping 2 blocks to get their caffeine quota in the mornings. Wow! I happen to live in a small town where I can imagine the need for this demand with only one to two stores in the area. One Starbuck Coffee in every other block seems excessive. If a person can't afford to walk or drive 2 blocks to get their morning fix, America you're lazy.

Monday, October 11

Sad day in Krypton history

Well it seems the great Clark Kent has died today, many people feel sorrow for the "Man of Steel". My heart goes out to friends and families who has witnessed his generosity. I know there are alot of people who are still fighting for stem cell research who were hit hard today as was I. Throughout his struggle for finding the cure for this crippling tragedy, the man is always gracing us with the utmost positive outlook and bravery. Makes me think if the president will change his policies due to this heart breaking news. With this I'm sure Kerry isn't going to skip a beat and find this news as a way to enlist new followers. Some people will think this comment may be harsh but, business is business. Kerry might have been Reeves friend but, don't kid yourself in thinking he won't push this bad news as a strategic move to unravel some Bush supporters for his cause. Anyway monstrous or not this is politics.

Christopher Reeves will be remembered as a hero demonstrating human beings no matter what will always strive to do what is good in times of great loss. Due to his acts of bravery he stimulated the need to invest in immanently. To search out to do what needs to be done for the people to live long happy lives for our families. It's amazing how the bad things brings out the best of us, too bad we can't be like that all the time. To the friends and families of Christopher Reeves, my heart goes out to you all.

Thursday, October 7

War on Broadband

You know, all this time in the console wars there still isn't a game quite as good as Halo. Don't get me wrong there were games close to this type of gaming, but to no avail it just doesn't get to that point of playability as a FPS. The multiplayer is out of this world! I know not of any FPS that gives you this high level amount of choices. The variations of play goes through at least 15 choices of what to play. With the right peripherals you can establish any amount of players at a time, this is unprecedented for a console,PC owners had this capability through lan parties held all over the world. Some people may say Sony is making there way to online play with the tools designed through there list of online only games such as Everquest and there latest game or before the newer Everquest2, Planetside. Planetside being a good beta was not as successful buyable PC game, with there many bugs in the system causing many problems with evenness of weapon power among the other groups of fighters. Unortunately this is Sony's flaw, with the PS2 online there will be if not already upcoming flaws to the consoles new online usage. With these flaws the hardware they use from outside sources will develop into major expenditures for the old man of consoles. Expense to them will inevitably be expence to you. So even though Sony is an online contender now, they just don't have the credibility as the fledgling console maker Microsoft. The continuation of Halo coming I feel pain for the PS2 and their strive to conquer this new battlefield. FPS is the all-time leader in online gaming and Sony must need to do some fancy footwork to overcome Xbox's onslot.

Wednesday, October 6

I like a good story do you?

Over the last couple of months since the divorce, I decided to get creative so I wrote two short stories about my life, here's one of them. Mind you I'm no professional so criticize gently.


There are many things in my life I remember clearly as if it was today, things at that time seemed important but, when you reflect on them they seem almost trivial. Those days you thought these acts you betrayed on a daily basis was the reality at it's utmost importance, this was your universe. Though it was it was not, for your friends, your family, relatives and onlookers who watched at local supermarkets or other places of public importance. These seemed as though each day was it for the rest of your life but, what else are you going to think at 12 years old. With this young age you had an infinite imagination you used at will, at least I did at 12, and in this world I new deep down there was something more for me out there but I didn't know what that was yet..I was going to find out sooner than I thought.
I was 12 and as always another typical day in 3rd grade at hamilton heights elementary. I liked that school, I had friends there that would follow me to higher grades in high school but I was shy and apprehensive towards people I didn't know. School was letting out and I was happy to leave the hot school to feel the fresh air again since play time. I said my goodbyes, see you tomorrow riff as I always do going home. Sitting on the bus watching people leave to there homes one after another till there were a few left. Sitting in my seat looking around wondering when this ride is going to end, I saw a girl who looked like an angel, beautiful face, shoulder length blonde hair that glittered in my face as I stared at her wondering 'who is that'.
Shy as I was I just stared at her face trying to get the nerve to say hi or even just waive at her to get some kind of reaction, no I sit there like a perve who has nothing to do but stare at nonsuspecting girls of beauty. As I stared on watching her look out at the traveling scenery she slowly glanced my way. With surprise she smiles at me, to this point I already am in love and I have no control of my reactions so I smile back in abundance. We maintain this smile contest till she waives me over to her seat patting it willfully. In shock I look around making sure there were no prying eyes at what is taking place because I thought, if someone would see this they would immediately make fun and I would never take a chance like this again. It was clear, so I high tailed it over with absolute joy giggling like a fool. When I got situated I touched her hand and looked up at her smiling face, again with no control I smiled joyfully. Before I could utter a word she says hi in a voice I thought was so smooth I could hear it over and over again. I returned the hello and told her who I was, where I lived and asking where she lived hoping it was near. To my surprise she lived in a local development 5 minutes from me, she told me I had pretty eyes and I told her the same. Approaching the development I didn't want her to go, I had to spend at least an eternity with her, just don't go yet. Before I could say anymore in surpass she mashed her lips against mine in a matter of seconds that seemed minutes. She slowly released her kiss from my ever needy lips not wanting her to ever leave me, what could I do I was a vigorous 12 year old who had nothing happen to me this important. Not knowing the bus stopped at her development she looked away and pulled from me in a rush and straddled over my legs. With school supplies in hand sprinted down the bus out the door before I knew what happened. I watched quizzically as she fled from my arms to her home wishing, hoping I see her again. With smiles ear to ear she looks and waives vigorously at me. I do the same thinking to myself, my imagination would never bring me to this type of excitement in a million years, I was 12. Looking back being 12 years old, kept in a safety cocoon from the world my parents made. They did not expect me to experience this emotional theshhold, so preparation was nonvoid in their thinking. This day will always be etched in my mind forever because this was the day I became more than what I would ever thought I'd be. At 12 I thought this was it but, no more, this is the beginning of my on going travel to more, thanks to the little yellow angel who I saw only in my dreams again.

Tell Me, is it Me?

I have a room mate who spends the better part of his life to an online game called Everquest 2, is this fasination healthy or should I remove him from his new occupation. I'm sure once he smells the fresh air and see people he will soon snap out of this trance. Now I like video games as much as the next guy, but hell at least my games have a beginning and an end. I watch him play and it seems as though he runs for miles at a time to fight bugs, horses, and an eventual humanoid. No plot just endless running WTF is the big deal. Comment on this as much as you want because I need to know what I'm dealing with here.